Hand Made Ceramics

Welcome to my website, a doorway to my pottery business, and to other musings.

Handmade ceramics rooted in a love of nature, place and tradition.

Sculpture - three large blue bottles

Beautiful tactile pieces for your home and garden. Slow art for these often too fast times.

I returned to my passion for clay in the middle of life after I stood in an exhibition and thought “well, why not!”. I expected to enjoy myself at the classes I joined up to after that thought, but I didn’t expect this art form to take me over like it has. I am endlessly curious about not only what to make, but how to get that vision out of my head and into the clay. I love the way clay can’t be rushed, and must be worked alongside to achieve the finished result (really, I am convinced it usually knows what it wants to be and will allow you to help to get it there)

I make pots in my home studio, a space I’ve gradually carved out from the rest of the house through sheer determination because I can’t hang around waiting for the perfect studio to appear. Full disclosure – I’ve stolen the dining room.

The shapes and colours which emerge in my work are rooted in my love of the natural and traditional, and in place. The landscapes in which I live or visit feed into my work, I often find my hand-built pots become pebble or pod shapes, I’m drawn to decoration which evokes a moody blue sky, the veins of a leaf or the curve of a bird in flight. I have an abiding interest in ‘the olden days’, its material culture (archaeological speak for ‘stuff’) and lore, these too seep into my work in shape and decoration.

I make large collector’s pieces as well as smaller, decorative domestic ceramic ware. My pots are made in small batches or are one-off pieces.

I currently sell in my shop on ETSY.

You can contact me via email on ficooperceramics (at) fastmail.co.uk, and on Instagram and Facebook.


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