Book Review: Fifty Words for Snow

Nancy Campbell's Fifty Words for Snow is a a wonderful tour through language, culture and climate. Snow Angel...A blizzard of skylarks....Snowflakes big as a dogs paw...Snow... I find snow enchanting, the magical transformation it brings to familiar landscapes, the still silence, especially at night, of a snowfall. I don't spend as much time as I'd… Continue reading Book Review: Fifty Words for Snow

Review: The Light in the Dark

The Light in The Dark a Winter Hournal, by Horatio Claire (Paperback edition,  Elliot & Thompson) I first reviewed The Light in the Dark (pub. 2018) in January 2019, in the hardback edition I borrowed from the library. The book is wonderfully written of course, the words and ideas are the important thing, and my… Continue reading Review: The Light in the Dark

A Pleasing Terror…

Photo by Jakub Kriz on Unsplash

...Scary Reads for Winter Nights. I do enjoy a fright! I love ghost stories (but not horror, I am not keen on blood and gore). What I delight in is an encroaching sense of  unease and doom. Whatever you may like to call it M.R. James called it 'a pleasing terror', and who am I… Continue reading A Pleasing Terror…