Review: Bone China

Bone China by Laura Purcell Fiend as I am for a spooky tale I immediately requested this when it popped up on NetGalley...: In the caves beneath a remote house on the Cornish coast Dr Pinecroft and his daughter, Louise, have created a sanatorium in an attempt to find a cure for consumption. Pinecroft is… Continue reading Review: Bone China

Review: The Story Keeper

The Story Keeper by Anna Mazzola (Tinder Press) Audrey Hart is on the Isle of Skye to collect folk tales from the island community - a community which has for the most part been devastated by emigration and the Highland Clearances. It is no wonder the crofters are suspicious of an outsider - even one… Continue reading Review: The Story Keeper

Review: The House On Half Moon Street

The House On Half Moon Street  by Alex Reeve (Bloomsbury - Raven) Welcome to Victorian London. It's a place we're familiar with - the slums, poverty, prostitution, criminality, dirt and fog contrasting with the slightly richer folk. The new middle classes in their comfortable homes with their numerous children and overstuffed sitting rooms. Around it… Continue reading Review: The House On Half Moon Street

Review: The Corset

The Corset by  Laura Purcell (Raven Books, Bloomsbury) Everyone else appears to be more organised than I am and has had their reviews out already, but better late than never! The Corset recounts the stories of two women, Dorothea Truelove and Ruth Butterham. The story is set in Oakgate, a town large enough for a new… Continue reading Review: The Corset

Review: Ghost Wall, by Sarah Moss

Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss (Granta, 2018) Teenage Silvie is on an archeological reenactment of prehistoric times, with her mother Alison,  and father Bill, a small group of University students and their rather off hand professor (I imagine him as one who would like to appear on TV, but hasn't quite managed it...). The Berlin… Continue reading Review: Ghost Wall, by Sarah Moss