Strange Times: The Woods

If you've been here a while you'll know how much I love to read (if you're new, hello and welcome) but I'm finding it hard to read anything at all during these days of social distancing and isolation. It's ironic really, most of my time I spend wanting to not be doing the thing I'm… Continue reading Strange Times: The Woods

Spring is Here, and so is the Snake’s Head Fritillary

Over the years I've got to know the short part of the Thames path which is - delightfully - part of my commute (once it's dried out a bit after winter rain) really well. My favourite time of year here is spring, when theĀ  blooms of the snake's head fritillary - the county flower of… Continue reading Spring is Here, and so is the Snake’s Head Fritillary

Springtime Riverside Commute

Once a week I get up early and leave the house in time to do a bit of riverside cycling on my way to work. There's only about a about a mile of this riverside ride - part of Sustrans Route 5 - before I rejoin the Oxford traffic, but it does me the world… Continue reading Springtime Riverside Commute