Book Review : The Clearing

The Clearing - A Memoir of Art, Family and Mental Health, by Samantha Clark At the beginning of The Clearing we meet Samantha Clark as an excited six-year-old, sitting in the back of the car on a drive through Scotland with her Mum and Dad. She is astonished by the space rolling out around her,… Continue reading Book Review : The Clearing

Book Review: Under The Stars – A Journey Into Light

Under The Stars : A Journey Into Light by Matt Gaw (Elliot & Thompson) If you look up at the sky at night from your front step, back garden or high-rise window what do you see? Try it now (if it's night, and it's not cloudy) are there stars? Are there loads of them, can… Continue reading Book Review: Under The Stars – A Journey Into Light

Review: Ring The Hill

Ring The Hill by Tom Cox (Unbound) Here we are again taking wonderful walks along the lanes and fields, the beaches and - this is what it's all about - up and down hills of England in the company of Tom Cox. The whole book is threaded through with hares, as almost mythical, unfindable creatures… Continue reading Review: Ring The Hill

Review: The Light in the Dark

The Light in The Dark a Winter Hournal, by Horatio Claire (Paperback edition,  Elliot & Thompson) I first reviewed The Light in the Dark (pub. 2018) in January 2019, in the hardback edition I borrowed from the library. The book is wonderfully written of course, the words and ideas are the important thing, and my… Continue reading Review: The Light in the Dark

Blog Tour!: Apple Island Wife: Slow Living in Tasmania

Apple Island Wife by Fiona Stocker (Unbound) Who hasn't dreamed of leaving the rat race and settling in the countryside somewhere? I have, but haven't managed it (yet!). Unlike me Fiona Stocker did manage it. Living in Queensland, she and her family upped-sticks and moved to Tasmania, a land of promise, wilderness, wallabies, hens...and alpacas.… Continue reading Blog Tour!: Apple Island Wife: Slow Living in Tasmania

Review: Snow

Snow, by Marcus Sedgewick (Little Toller) I must come clean here at the start and declare myself a huge fan of snow. I become giddy at the thought of it, watching the forecast like a hawk, feeling genuine disappointment when the clock ticks round and no snow arrives. As I write this*, in Oxfordshire in… Continue reading Review: Snow

Review: 21st Century Yokel

21st Century Yokel, by Tom Cox (Unbound) Do you ever buy a lovely thing to eat - e.g. a lump of delicious cheese - that you then can't bring yourself to eat because if you do it will be GONE? I do. Of course I don't want to sit and watch things grow mould, but… Continue reading Review: 21st Century Yokel

Book Review – Bookworm

Imagine my delight when I discovered a book called 'Bookworm' was coming out, and my further delight on finding out it's a memoir by Lucy Mangan, a favourite columnist of mine;  she's funny, swears in an economical yet effective manner and I’m pretty sure she was never on the netball team either (I am making… Continue reading Book Review – Bookworm

2018 In Books : January

Magic, memoirs and hauntings

My Year Of Reading 2017 – Part 2 (April – June)

Part 2 and I seem to have found yet another historical detective to start with... April Hue and Cry Shirley McKay Huw Cullen hangs out in late Medieval St Andrews and solves crimes. I found this book (and the rest of the series, oh what joy, I love a series!) in the AROS centre near… Continue reading My Year Of Reading 2017 – Part 2 (April – June)