Review: The House of Silk

The House of Silk  by Anthony Horowitz (Orion) A new(ish) Sherlock Holmes novel? I thought, as I browsed the library shelves... that must be worth investigating (sorry). I have to admit I've never read anything else by Anthony Horowitz.  I'm mostly familar with his work for television - particularly  Foyles War, the WW2 (and later… Continue reading Review: The House of Silk

Review: The Goddess and the Thief, by Essie Fox

  The Goddess and the Thief  by Essie Fox (Orion) When I put a little reviewette of this book on Instagram I really didn't expect to hear back from the author, but I did. A thank you and "you made my day" for my photo and a very few words. Really, it was the least… Continue reading Review: The Goddess and the Thief, by Essie Fox