Review: The Ice House

The Ice House by Tim Clare (Canongate) Delphine is an old woman. For years she's lived with Thompson her dog, and Martha, a long-time - though not human - friend she made as a young girl. We join this story in a melancholy place. Delphine has cut herself off to concentrate on her studies; she… Continue reading Review: The Ice House

Review: Cold Earth

Cold Earth by Sarah Moss (Granta) I've had this on my shelf for a while, in fact the very minute I finished 'Ghost Wall' (my review of that is here) I immediately went and searched for anything else Sarah Moss had written. I discovered via Moss's website that I have a lot more to look… Continue reading Review: Cold Earth

Review – Help The Witch

Help The Witch by Tom Cox (Unbound) Help the Witch is a collection of spooky stories from Tom Cox, he's yearned to write fiction for years he says but is glad he waited (nine non-fiction books precede this, I reviewed 21st Century Yokel, the most recent, here) . Whatever effect the waiting has had on… Continue reading Review – Help The Witch

2018 In Books : February

Spooks and cephalopods.

2018 In Books : January

Magic, memoirs and hauntings

“Tsundoku” (or the soul reaching towards infinity…?)

There are piles of books around our house, all the shelves are full. My husband built a new shelf six months ago and it was full within a week. Partly because I won a whole box of books from Bookshambles; which is about as far ranging a 'book discussion' podcast you could wish for and which has… Continue reading “Tsundoku” (or the soul reaching towards infinity…?)

Northern Gods

Sometimes I get to things late. One Christmas I found myself sitting in a room with some of my slightly younger relations, each of them was staring at a screen instead of taking part in the parlour games. I don't know what was on the screens, Candycrush? Minecraft? I'm not a big games player!  All… Continue reading Northern Gods

All the Books I Read in 2016 Part 2 (July -December)

I was struck down by the lurgy just after Christmas, looking at various social media sites this seems to have been a common experience. Anyway, I lost two days to it (though by the end of the second I could just about sit up and watch 'The Lady in the Van' and feebly welcome in… Continue reading All the Books I Read in 2016 Part 2 (July -December)

All the Books I Read in 2016. Part One (January-June)

I read quite a lot and, a couple of years back, started to keep a list of books I'd read. This began, really, because I bought an e-reader for a long trip, and I realised that since the actual book wasn't on the shelf I began to lose track of what I'd read, or not… Continue reading All the Books I Read in 2016. Part One (January-June)