Pottery, Alchemy…

Last Friday I went to my pottery class as usual. I made a couple of pots as usual (actually ┬ánot as usual because I'm getting better at wheel throwing so these two were almost identical). But the main action of the morning was the Raku Firing we were doing with pots we'd prepared earlier. Raku… Continue reading Pottery, Alchemy…

Waternish and a Yarn Pilgrimage

At the very north-western end of the Isle of Skye, on the Waternish peninsula, there's a yarn shop. I have been known to travel a long way for yarn and this is one of the furthest flung pilgrimage sites. It wa sa beautiful day for a road trip, and we set off in sunshine which… Continue reading Waternish and a Yarn Pilgrimage

Let’s Blame the Teenagers Again…creativity in school

"Design and technology GCSE has disappeared from nearly half of schools because teenagers no longer like making things, a survey has found" "Hundreds of schools across the country have axed the subject from the curriculum in the past year alone, according to a poll of teachers conducted by the Association of School and College Leaders… Continue reading Let’s Blame the Teenagers Again…creativity in school

Polymer Clay Creations

I've never used polymer clay before but somehow seem to have some in my possession (I expect it was a buy to take an order into 'free shipping' territory) so, while I impatiently waited for my Actual Pottery Classes to start I thought I'd make some things. I found a spare hour and sat myself… Continue reading Polymer Clay Creations