Pod: Ceramic Sculpture Diary 2

Picture shows plans for a ceramic piece

Coils of clay, everywhere. When I first returned to ceramics the very first thing I made was a coil pot. I expressed my horror at coiling until Ali (my teacher) said I must forget all I had learned in school and this would be different. First thing is we don't build on a coiled round… Continue reading Pod: Ceramic Sculpture Diary 2

Pod : Ceramic Sculpture Diary 1

Picture shows plans for a ceramic piece

A Ceramic Sculpture Diary My ceramics practice is one of two halves; I have my slightly makeshift studio at home (it used to be the dining room, and still is when occasion demands) and I go to learn stuff at a large group studio on a Monday night. This means alongside making my smaller pieces… Continue reading Pod : Ceramic Sculpture Diary 1

Simple Ceramics

Making pinch pots I posted on Instagram the other day for the first time in a few weeks. I hadn't felt the urge to put a photo and caption on there recently. Maybe it was down to the "lockdown wall" which I - and many other people - seemed to hit toward the middle of… Continue reading Simple Ceramics

Pottery, Alchemy…

Last Friday I went to my pottery class as usual. I made a couple of pots as usual (actually ┬ánot as usual because I'm getting better at wheel throwing so these two were almost identical). But the main action of the morning was the Raku Firing we were doing with pots we'd prepared earlier. Raku… Continue reading Pottery, Alchemy…