Review: Boneland, by Alan Garner

Boneland by Alan Garner (Fourth Estate) This is a mindblowing peice of writing. Boneland (in case you don't know) completes the trilogy set on Alderley Edge which began with 'The Wierdstone of Brisingamen' and continued with 'The Moon of Gomrath'. I reread both of these recently and each is quite as different from the other… Continue reading Review: Boneland, by Alan Garner

Review: Hidden Nature, by Alys Fowler

Hidden Nature : A Voyage of Discovery by Alys Fowler (Hodder & Stoughton) Over the past few years I've become addicted to nature memoirs - I have Amy Liptrott to thanks for this, with her amazing 2016 book 'The Outrun', which led me to reading the entire Wainwright Prize shortlist, and  ultimately into a very… Continue reading Review: Hidden Nature, by Alys Fowler

Ninja Book Box Un Boxed – Conspiracy By Candlelight

This is my second Ninja Book Box and I am new to the world of "un-boxing", but it sounds much better than boxing so here we go. First of all I only noticed when Bex (Ninja Bookbox Chief Ninja - that's how I think of her anyway!) mentioned it on Twitter,  that the boxes are… Continue reading Ninja Book Box Un Boxed – Conspiracy By Candlelight

Book Review – Bookworm

Imagine my delight when I discovered a book called 'Bookworm' was coming out, and my further delight on finding out it's a memoir by Lucy Mangan, a favourite columnist of mine;  she's funny, swears in an economical yet effective manner and I’m pretty sure she was never on the netball team either (I am making… Continue reading Book Review – Bookworm

2018 In Books : February

Spooks and cephalopods.

2018 In Books : January

Magic, memoirs and hauntings

“Tsundoku” (or the soul reaching towards infinity…?)

There are piles of books around our house, all the shelves are full. My husband built a new shelf six months ago and it was full within a week. Partly because I won a whole box of books from Bookshambles; which is about as far ranging a 'book discussion' podcast you could wish for and which has… Continue reading “Tsundoku” (or the soul reaching towards infinity…?)

Northern Gods

Sometimes I get to things late. One Christmas I found myself sitting in a room with some of my slightly younger relations, each of them was staring at a screen instead of taking part in the parlour games. I don't know what was on the screens, Candycrush? Minecraft? I'm not a big games player!  All… Continue reading Northern Gods

The Wainwright Prize & Other People’s Lives

I used to read fiction to the exclusion of anything else; historical novels, detective novels, historical detective novels, science fiction and fantasy novels, the 'literary' kind of novel (whatever that loaded term means), novels that were published months, years or centuries ago. I'd give house room to pretty much any kind of 'story book', but I was never a reader… Continue reading The Wainwright Prize & Other People’s Lives

Walking: Uffington White Horse and its Landscape

I go for a long walk in the landscape of Uffington Horse and Waylands Smithy and muse on my almost lifelong fascination with these ancient places. It was my birthday last week, I don't get many actual birthdays due to being born on 29th February (this is my own fault, Mum says, for being late). … Continue reading Walking: Uffington White Horse and its Landscape