My Review Policy


I read as much as I can, I’m a bit of a bookish magpie, but here are my particular loves, and in genres I’m happy to review.


Nature writing, nature and travel memoirs/essay collections – these are my THING, because they are about everything, really. In fact they were what got me into this book reviewing lark in the first place! (Amy Liptrot’s ‘The Outrun’ if you must know)

Other Non Fiction –  I’ll review popular science books if they really appeal to me, and I like a bit of weird historical research (ghosts, witches, mad wartime schemes)


Yes…Spooky books: I love a good ghost story, or a book with a supernatural aspect,  or something strange. Nothing gory though, I do not like graphic horror at all.


When I write a review I’ll always post it to Twitter, and often to Instagram (Instagram is much more likely if I’ve got physical book!). I also post on NetGalley and Waterstones. I don’t post reviews to Amazon – in fact I can’t because I have successfully had nothing to do with them for a few years now – I never buy anything from them, so am not allowed to post reviews.


I am happy to take part in blog tours if I am given plenty of notice, and will post reviews as above.

If you’d like to contact me about reviewing a book this is where you can find me:

Twitter: @FiNutbrown

Instagram: @makewalkread



Happy making, walking and reading!