Simple Ceramics

Making pinch pots I posted on Instagram the other day for the first time in a few weeks. I hadn't felt the urge to put a photo and caption on there recently. Maybe it was down to the "lockdown wall" which I - and many other people - seemed to hit toward the middle of… Continue reading Simple Ceramics

Our Garden

Twelve years ago we went on our honeymoon to Wales, with a seven month old baby there was no way I was getting on a plane and anyway Pembrokeshire is gorgeous. We stayed in Solva, up the hill from the harbour, and spent our time quietly. We found lovely restaurants, cafes and galleries while wandering… Continue reading Our Garden

Winter Notes: Three

On the Thames Path the geese are back. In the mornings they honk in squadrons along the river, and argue under Donnington Bridge by the Sea Scouts hut. By the afternoons they're a bit knackered and I find them waddling with attitude along the towpath, giving the side-eye to dog walkers and cyclists like me.… Continue reading Winter Notes: Three


The day after the General Election. I suppose we all cope with unfortunate news in our own way (for some people the news was not unfortunate, though I don't know any of those people). I went out for coffee with friends as had been the plan for weeks. When I got in I didn't know… Continue reading Wreath

Almanac Inspired: January

This is my plan - I'll do a diary style post per month, drawing my inspiration from The Almanac by Lia Leendertz Last year I didn't manage to buy this lovely book until September, but once I had it I loved it...I ordered the 2019 one in November last year so I didn't make the… Continue reading Almanac Inspired: January

Making! Ugly Blanket part 2

A bag of scraps. Odd balls of yarn, yarn that had been knitted up perhaps too many times before to feel 'right' for a jumper. Stuff bought in a job lot (sight unseen) box from a mill for twenty quid. Hand-spun and factory made. None of it seemed to want to be a garment of any… Continue reading Making! Ugly Blanket part 2

Making! Ugly Blanket: part 1 of who knows how many…

I am an accumulator of things...yes, I admit it! I find it very hard to get rid of stuff, but of late I've been making a real effort - why only the other day I put three books in the office book swap box (I took one out don't tell anyone, two out of three… Continue reading Making! Ugly Blanket: part 1 of who knows how many…

Waternish and a Yarn Pilgrimage

At the very north-western end of the Isle of Skye, on the Waternish peninsula, there's a yarn shop. I have been known to travel a long way for yarn and this is one of the furthest flung pilgrimage sites. It wa sa beautiful day for a road trip, and we set off in sunshine which… Continue reading Waternish and a Yarn Pilgrimage

Let’s Blame the Teenagers Again…creativity in school

"Design and technology GCSE has disappeared from nearly half of schools because teenagers no longer like making things, a survey has found" "Hundreds of schools across the country have axed the subject from the curriculum in the past year alone, according to a poll of teachers conducted by the Association of School and College Leaders… Continue reading Let’s Blame the Teenagers Again…creativity in school

Knitting Can Be A Long Haul Sometimes

2016 eh? What a drag.  Even some of the knitting is dragging, and what you do when that happens is either (a) rip out all the hours of knitting  and thereby gain yarn back into the stash to make something else [silver lining here, I'm looking for them everywhere these days],  ( b) buckle down… Continue reading Knitting Can Be A Long Haul Sometimes