I’m Fi Cooper, I’m a potter and writer based in Oxfordshire, welcome to my online home.


I make ceramics influenced by landscape, nature and tradition. I draw on influences from folklore and literature, the old landscapes we’re surrounded by on this island, and the ever changing beauty of the natural world and its colours.

I like my pottery to be tactile, I often have a story in my head as I work (this little bowl was inspired by the wise woman’s cauldron found in so many tales) so I hope what I make isn’t ‘ordinary’. I work in both large and small sizes, and in small batches. I make mostly by hand building but I also wheel throw some pieces.

I sell my work on FOLKSY and ETSY.


Though I’m a bit of a sporadic writer, once I get going I love it! I used to review books but the clay finally shouted so loudly it overtook the time I spent doing that. I continue to write though mainly about my ceramics making. The occasional book post could still pop up though, as could one about a local walk, or an adventure.

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We’re all connected, just like the trees in the forest, and though some of us trees may prefer to stand alone with out own thoughts a lot of the time, it;s nice to chat.

If you’d like to get in touch you can email : ficooperceramics (at) fastmail.co.uk and find me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest:

A Bit About Me

I make my ceramics in our repurposed dining room! I started making pots as a hobby but then it kind of got inside me, like it does with so many of us. I decided to grow a small business around it, a ‘side hustle’ (!) rahter than burying me and my family in pots. This is happening super slowly – think oak tree rather than bindweed – and I’m enjoying the challenges and joys it brings.

We live near to the downs and the Cotswolds in the very old town of Abingdon on Thames, within easy striking of Oxford. The area surrounding our home is both ancient and modern. I love to walk in nature; by river or sea, up a hill or in the woods. When I’m out walking, picking up pine cones or pebbles, gazing at the horizon, a magnificent tree or ancient earthwork I feel connected to the land and find it hugely restorative.