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What I have been doing for the past eight weeks…

Oooo hello! I am still here…grab a mug of tea and a digestive…I hope you are OK.

Hasn’t 2020 been weird, time wise? Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey as Dr Who (in their tenth incarnation) might say.

I’ve had weeks which seemed to last mooooonths, life buffering like a dodgy feed in a zoom call, and then the past two months have surely only lasted five days? Because I’m pretty sure I wrote a post much more recently than *checks calendar* the 16th August…

What I have been doing:

Staring out of the window.

Wondering why I haven’t written a novel while furloughed.

Relaunching my pottery shop (on Folksy) and making pottery on my dining room table. The dining room table is a far from perfect situation but the alternative, for a while, was to not make pottery AT ALL, and that wasn’t happening. I have been having bursts of creativity and then slumps. I think this has been common for many folks this year.

Watching the garden turn through spring, summer, autumn. Any tips on keeping muntjac off the vegetables?

Making jam.

Reading some books in a very scattered fashion, and some books in a “don’t you dare disturb me I’m really into this” fashion. I made it to the end of The Luminaries and that exhausted my appetite for long books for a while. Sorry Hilary, sorry Thomas…I’ll be with you in the winter, by the fire when we’ve run out of drama series on Netflix (I’m kind of with Robin and Josie of the Bookshambles podcast, generally 200 pages is enough). I will be doing some book reviews in the near future, because I miss doing them (and also feel a teeny bit of guilt).


Avoiding going on Twitter. Though I interact with many lovely people on Twitter there’s just too much danger of encountering a retweet of something UTTERLY APPALLING and it destroying my whole day. So I’m allowing myself 15-30 minutes per 24 hours, and that’s it.

Talking to people through screens. Which is not nearly as cool as it is in most sci-fi shows, though is quite similar to how it is in Blakes7, which husband and I are re-watching through dreadfully named Britbox. The boy, used to astonishing CGI rather than the best 1978 efforts of the BBC Model Workshop, disappears off to his room to watch Dr Who (11th incarnation).

Doing Couch to 5K. Which is fine because I can listen to LOADS of podcasts while I’m doing the running. Actually if I didn’t I wouldn’t run…I just can’t run to music, I need something to concentrate on which is not the increasingly jelly-ness of my legs.

Just keeping going, really.

I will probably flesh some of the above out in later posts, but now I have leftovers the reheat…and a pottery class to get to!

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