Winter Notes: Five

This semi-distant line of trees is an obsession of mine, mainly because I can’t work out if I can get there without trespassing. Walk down the track, past the cottage and barns, and the path you could take is quite definitely NO ACCESS. Besides, that route may entail crossing a bit of river, but maybe there is a bridge! I probably need to approach it from a different angle…it looks like there are unexplored woodlands waiting for me.

Whenever I have to pop out for some milk (or tomatoes, malteasers or wine or whatever it is we’ve run out of this time) I find myself diverting into the nature reserve. I can’t help it; the way to the shop is through the houses, I feel I should fit some tree gazing in too while I’m out.

There have been big clearing operations going on in our reserve, this stand of trees was until recently surrounded by brambles, but now I can get in underneath and look up. In looking up I can see the phenomenon of ‘crown shyness’ here in this small group. It’s not yet known why trees do this, thought there are a number of hypotheses. I’m sure they have their reasons and, actually, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of mystery. I’m a big fan of looking up…it’s always good to get a different perspective.

Taken from the car window as I sat in traffic, this is not the best photograph of an amazing sunrise.

But I remind myself that it’s not the phtotgraph of the sunrise that’s important (well, unless you’re A Photographer of Sunrises I suppose) but that the sunrise happened and it was beautiful, and that one great thing about the winter part of the year is that you don’t need to be up at 4am to see such an amazing natural spectacle.

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