Winter Notes: Three

On the Thames Path the geese are back. In the mornings they honk in squadrons along the river, and argue under Donnington Bridge by the Sea Scouts hut. By the afternoons they’re a bit knackered and I find them waddling with attitude along the towpath, giving the side-eye to dog walkers and cyclists like me.

A spur of the moment lunchtime walk under blue skies. We’d already avoided going inside even to have our tea and sandwiches! The sun through the winter trees, black scribbles on the pale blue sky. The cricket pitch is emerald in the winter sun, and we have the river at our backs.

Overwhelmed by the urge to make something I grabbed some string and shiny kindling twigs (pyracantha trimmings) and created a star. Storm Brendan howls outside. The rain is loud on the flat roof of this room, it hammers the windows and the gale rattles the side of the house, I imagine being at sea.

I find a storm exciting though, when I opened the door to have a peek outside, I was happy to be safe at home.

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