Making! Ugly Blanket part 2

A bag of scraps. Odd balls of yarn, yarn that had been knitted up perhaps too many times before to feel ‘right’ for a jumper. Stuff bought in a job lot (sight unseen) box from a mill for twenty quid. Hand-spun and factory made. None of it seemed to want to be a garment of any kind, but neither could it continue to lurk in plastic bags (and my conscience) ignored and unused. It’s now halfway to becoming a very warm and, I have to admit quite heavy blanket., and I’m really quite in love with it. It’s now at the stage where I can work on it and use it as a blanket while doing so (I suffer from being too Northern to put the heating on before October, while also feeling the cold, I am my own worst enemy).


One of the brilliant things about making this; is that each time I change yarn, and start the stitching, my mind wanders to what this yarn was before (if it was anything). Had I had other, grander, plans for it…or had I bought it on a whim. I think, I should wear the scarf I made from this silky fragrant stuff I brought all the way back from Canada more often. Maybe this violent green was a bit much to be worn on the head, but it looks lovely here. Sometimes I hold strands of yarn together so i can get a reasonable even-ness of tension, but as long as it’s vaguely alright I’m not too worried. It wiggles in and out a bit…I can live with that and I think I can fix it with a bit of blocking.

Wiggly bit – I’ll live!

Here below, for example, going left to right I used; Rowan Chunky (at least 15 years old, used to be a jumper) ;Cascade 220 (leftover from husbands jumper);  Red scraps; hand-spun white and KoolAid dyed green; purple scraps; brown partially acrylic King Cole DK; Grey chunky leftovers from a cowl I made on holiday in Canada; Turquoise Milla Mia (most of it was a onesie for my friend’s daughter who is now in school. which makes it 5/6 years old); black and orange scraps held together; bright green – this picture doesn’t do it justice – thick’n’thin bonkers yarn; red (leftover from Mum’s Owligan).


Pretty early on I decided there needed to be some kind of rhythm within the apparent randomness of this project; I discovered I had a lot of grey yarn so, fairly regularly, a grey layer is added – thick or thin – it seems to hold it all together somehow (I need to make sure I can top and bottom it with the same yarn!).

Now, it looks like some strange landscape, or a colourful stratified cliff face, and I may need to stop calling it ‘Ugly’…


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