A Bit of Bunting

There will be a Lap Blanket Part III, I am doing my best to knit a quite huge swatch quickly. This involves transporting an almost bin-liner sized bag of Jamieson & Smith jumper weight around various parts of the house/garden (because, have you noticed, properly warm sun has arrived at last!) and to the boy’s drum lessons, in order the maximise knitting time. I also had a big night out this weekend which left me a little bit tired/broken/happy/sad and incapable of knitting complicated things for all of Bank Holiday Monday.

I can’t actually fit the bin-liner of yarn in my bike panniers so I also have a little crochet project on the go for while waiting at the school gate, or if I get stuck in a queue. I’m making a Cow Parsley bunting/garland from the lovely pattern on Silverpebble’s  website.

I’m not a crocheter usually, but I’ve had a hankering lately to learn a bit more of it, and to have a useful thing at the end. And yes, bunting is useful, you at the back, especially when you go to as many festivals as we do and have a camper-van to adorn.


I’m using Katia Eco Cotton in white and green, and I bought a new Pony Maple hook. This hook is  SO MUCH more pleasant to use than the metal ones, it doesn’t slip about, it just feels nicer:


Each flower head is a neat little thing (in both the English English and American English usage):


Making them is strangely addictive…


…and eventually I had a considerable pile of umbellifers to deal with:


I have strung them together, here they are hung up (albeit temporarily) in our campervan (yes, there is a bit of a Kaffee Fassett fest going on in there!):


They will look great either inside or outside, a decision I can only make when I know what the weather might do when we park up at journey’s end.

It occurs to me, this is a perfect festival crafting project. Small and portable, I’ve made so many now that further flowers may not be affected by too much cider intake, and crochet hooks are not so dangerously pointy as knitting needles (ref. cider intake, above) when delving in your bag for wet wipes,  glow sticks, cartons of juice and sausage rolls…

You can find the pattern  here.








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