Bang Out A Sweater – It’s Finished!.

I have knitted a jumper in a week:


Which is a thing I find quite astonishing.  I don’t think I’d have Lett Lopi-ed at all without the ‘Bang Out A Sweater’ KAL, and now all I can think about is Lett Lopi, or maybe some of the Einband (laceweight) and what I could make next. Also, when can I go to Iceland? I am becoming distracted…

Here is my Stopover rundown:

I made it in ‘natural’ colours  – though I am not sure what is dyed and un-dyed in these Lett Lopi yarns, they all look quite sheepy to me. It’s not a colour palette I would usually choose due to being almost completely transfixed by blues and greens, but it really was time for a change.

This sweater is knit in the round from the bottom up  (no sewing apart from the grafting of the underarms). I did it entirely on really not very marvellous aluminium circulars, but they were the size I needed and were In The House. The sleeves and yoke were magic looped due to lack of dpns in the size needed, and also I have never dropped a circular down the back of a sofa cushion for it never to be seen again…

Stopover did knit up really quickly, and was also (sleeve and body wise) the kind of knitting you can do while simultaneously watching a BBC4 documentary about the brain* and having a conversation with your spouse. I like to multi task. The colour work is like a reward (I love doing colour work) at the end of miles of round and round plain knitting.

I added three short rows in the back, and did a rolled stockinette neck rather than ribbing (I hate feeling even vaguely strangled). I finished with a whole ball of my main colour to spare, as well as the contrast leftovers I was expecting.

Here is it unblocked, I tried it on and it felt a lot shorter than I’d usually wear, though not unwearably short, if you see what I mean:


After blocking – this yarn really does change completely after a bath, and I gave it a good old stretch about – it’s a little longer:

Aviary Photo_130995120771520944

Aviary Photo_130995121761828587

I have absolutely loved this project, a big thanks to those Mason Dixon ladies for the enabling. THANK YOU!

To make things even better I finished the husband jumper too (the seaming! the seaming!) so that was two jumpers done and it was only Tuesday. I can feel a hap coming on.

*the series is written and presented by David Eagleman, and the episode was, by happy coincidence, about how we learn to do things without thinking about them: (I think this went out on PBS in the U.S.)




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