Bang out A Sweater 1.

Just quickly –  this Bang Out A Sweater KAL is so much fun.

So many sweaters*, so many lovely colours, so many knitters, and such good advice coming from a lot of them. For Example:  I have never spit spliced anything in my life before now (yes, it is a little bit as gross as it sounds, avoid eating toffees/Skittles just beforehand) but this LettLopi yarn just kind of joins itself together once a little moisture is introduced, hence hardly any end weaving, hence more speed!

I have never knit something so fast in my life. I calculate (via watched length of Netflix** shows and 2 x BBC history documentaries***) that about 8 hours into this I have a whole body of sweater and part of an arm. Amazing.


 I have also, while I knit this distraction from The List, managed to get the husband jumper blocking.


*I know, it’s a jumper really, but the event  is called ‘Bang Out A Sweater so I’m going with that.

**Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries mainly. They have some very lovely knitwear in that show. The other day Det. Insp. Jack Robinson was in a very Edward VIII tank top (vest) and extremely dapper he looked too (he always looks dapper really).

*** One on Elizabeth and Mary, one on Ada Lovelace which I had seen before but well worth seeing again

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