What list?

Just a quick one. That list in my last post of unfinished things can get lost. I am in the Mason Dixon Bang Out A Sweater Knitalong of Mary Jane Mucklestones ‘Stopover’. It’s not a very bad straying off the path because it should only take a week. Also, the husband jumper is blocking so I actually can’t do anything on that (sewing, argh!) for a day or two.

I’ve never used Lopi yarn before (because when would I wear an Icelandic wool jumper now it never gets properly cold any more here?). However, the Lettlopi this one requires is a little lighter than usual lopi. I chose to do a monochrome jumper for a change from my usual blue and greens:


I’ve gone up to 7mm needles, which got me to the correct gauge after I’d washed the swatch – I usually have to go up at least 1 size so this was no real surprise, I must be a super tight knitter  On my swatches I sew on it  what size needle I used with with sock yarn. If I have a ‘something and a half mm’ needle then the half is represented by a vertical stitch:


This is one of the contrasting colours, the main will be the charcoal grey (Black Heather). Cast on 1st February, it’s going to be great! and fast!





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