UFOs, Where do they come from, what do they want?



No not THOSE kinds of UFOs, I speak of unfinished objects – ‘where do they come from’ is not a mystery really, and ‘what they want’ is to be FINISHED.

I am sure there are some organised yarny types out there. The kind of people who do one thing at once, they start a thing and they finish it. They never have these thoughts:

  • Where have all the really expensive 3.50mm interchangeable needle tips  gone because I am sure I had at least 5 sets of them in 2013 plus all the cheap Pony brand needles as well?
  • Where has that half ball of Touch Possum Yarn brought to the UK from NZ a long time ago  disappeared to now I actually need it?
  • What is in that comfy looking cloth bag over there which the cat has been sitting on for two years?

Well January is a time to take stock! tidy up! make lists! Here goes…

1) Baffies for S

This is quite a recent UFO.  It is such a UFO it was in actual fact a NYESO by the time present giving time came around, meaning  S received a pattern and a request to choose her favourite Buachaille yarn colours (you can actually get away with this level of nonsense  when you’re a knitter) for future receipt of gift. It should be an FO very soon*

2) Husband’s Jumper

Yet another Christmas present which did not make it under the tree. I did make him a  miniature one though, which is no good as a garment to a man of 6′ 7″ in his stocking feet but it’s the thought that counts.

Aviary Photo_130981186290684209
I would like to point out that my husband doesn’t actually have a almond for a head.

3) J’s Possum Scarf

She did at least get her possum gloves. I have to find the half ball of yarn I had left over from them. It’s probably in the massive bin bag my yarn occupies until I can find somewhere to store it properly, having decided that the living room cupboard should be full of Minion Monopoly, Articulate! and Pass The Bomb instead of possum, mohair and blue faced leicester.

4) Canada Cowl

Started in Canmore, Ab.  in March 2015. There was a super little yarn shop just up the road from our holiday apartment so I Had To Buy something to make there. It’s like they see me coming. However I had forgotten how tiring driving, ski-ing  and eating poutine is so I only managed about one row per night.

5) Gauzy Curtain for Campervan

(Sewing! Should be in another list entirely) (yes, there is another list).

6) Crochet Blanket No 1.

Kitsch acrylic blanket I started in 2008 which I am really looking forward to putting in aforesaid campervan for ‘hippy chic’ look  it says we should have, in all the magazines, whenever Glastonbury comes around (have never been to Glastonbury**).

7 Crochet Blanket N0 2.

A pinwheel pattern I love a lot, great for passing the time waiting for karate lessons to finish. But I’m not feeling quite so much love in the fastening them together to make a blanket area.

Unsewn together pinwheels


I’m sure there are more, but really I daren’t look…

*Since I drafted this post these are actually finished and on the feet of the recipient!

**Let me qualify that, I have been to the town of Glastonbury loads of times. I’ve climbed up the Tor, and it’s possible I know the pubs almost as well as the locals,  but never the Festival.



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