Boxing Day by The Humber Bridge

We went up to my Mum and Dad’s in  North Lincolnshire for the festivities this year, and it turned out that the right hand side of the North of England remained drier than the left, though it was pretty windy. What better to do to walk off the Christmas excess than to go for a walk in what felt like a gale force wind to a Very High Bridge?

The parental bungalow is in Barton on Humber, pretty much the last town you get to (there is Winterton too) on the south end of the Humber Bridge, which was built in the 1970s so  you don’t have to go round by Goole any more to get over the Humber to Hull and beyond.

We walked down our first muddy path and then went the wrong way through a subway, but got a good view of the Bridge:


So we turned around, walked through a housing estate until we found a bunch of trees – complete with second EXTREMELY muddy path – to walk through (always more pleasant than houses, especially to a 7 year old boy) and made our way to the bridge pedestrian access:

On the way we saw an excellent bracket fungus…

…a couple of trees who really loooove each other, and one which had not faired so well in the high wind:

Eventually we got to the steps and the Warning Sign:

At the top it was, indeed, Very Windy. We saw people coming over looking pretty blown about so decided not to cross over today, but save that for  a springtime adventure (through, my Dad pointed out, it’s never NOT windy up there).

After a bit of Engineering Talk (during which I had to be a suspension cable, so there are no pictures) we decided to make our way back for lunch.

The non muddy way back goes past the Sloop Inn. This is a great boozer which sells Tom Woods but is sadly underused I’m told – certainly we were the only ones in there at midday on Boxing Day, and we were having coffee (and crisps  – I know! I’m not doing Dry January though, support your local boozer or it will be gone) . I especially like Tom Woods beers, even more so now I know they named a beer after a sheep breed:

Then back to the bungalow for Boxing Day lunch, which we had certainly earned by then I can tell you.

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