The boy saw a Christmas pudding hat in Sainsbury’s (they seem to be a Thing this year) so of course I have had to make him one.

As I am knitting it from stash yarn I’ve made up my own pattern (I looked on Ravelry to see how many Pudding hat patterns there are, and there aren’t that many – 22 in fact). And what else is a stash for? I know! really it’s to gaze upon and stroke, and sniff, occasionally reorganise and generally be reluctant to knit from EVER. But anyway, I’m using some Sirdar Country Style DK and mystery black yarn which has no ball band, but is vaguely DK, for the pudding bit. The DK yarn is being held tripled to match up with the enormous girth of the Sirdar Softie cream topping, coped with by 7mm needles.

This is your basic beanie hat, knit in the round (magic loop in this case) with a roll brim and decreases on the crown to make a pudding shape.

Attempt One: I did random currants, which led to it looking awful on the inside (I mind about these things) and the creamy top was far too pointy and un-pudding like due to an idiotic decreasing decision. My excuse is I had spent a whole day and night carousing in Glastonbury and was feeling fragile. See for yourself:

2 pudding

So awful, ripped it out.


Attempt Two: I charted the currants, and also the start of the cream poured on top, i.e. the wavy line part of it. I was so much happier with some control over the knitted dried fruit – it’s not, after all, supposed to be an accurate facsimile of a Christmas Pudding (I’m sure someone’s doing that somewhere!).

A pudding with cream begins to take shape:



With the finishing touch (which was insisted upon) of  some holly and berries.


I used the  Jolly Holly leaf pattern by Attic24 as it was the only one I could find which had PROPER prickly leaves. I don’t crochet often, so its good to practice every now and again. Add a couple of bright red buttons for berries, and there you go.

Delicious (and low in fat).



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