The other day Ann Mason-Dixon (that’s how I always think of them, Ann and Kay Mason-Dixon) asked the question The Same Sweater Twice – Rut or Groove? . I thought ‘that would be a bit of a mad thing to do, eh?’ and then I realised I have in fact done exactly this thing. Which may make me mad, but I’m quite happy with that.

Also, anyway, they are not all *exactly* the same, but the same enough that I can probably manage a parade of OWLs in my sleep, or at least after some wine, which is actually often amounts to same thing.

OWL 1. is an Owlet. this was knitted for the Lovely Patchworker’s first daughter. It’s in Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran and yes it’s blue, because why not?


It’s very warm, the Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran, and this was a February baby, it proved to be a stupidly warm February and also a baby of the larger persuasion (I feel OK saying this, as mine was the same) who, more importantly, WOULD NOT TOLERATE anything being put over her head. So unfortunately it was never worn.

I noticed at the time I made this note on its Ravelry page “At least I have done some photos now. And I have the excuse to KNIT ANOTHER”. So there it was, right there, same sweater twice already in my mind.

OWL 2. is another Owlet, knit for the same daughter but larger and without the being put over the head thing – I ‘cardiganised’ this (before the little Owlet cardigan version – Wowligan –  came out).

The cardiganising caused me some pain, I can tell you, with the steeking of the slippery but delicious Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky I knit it in. Never Again, I learned my lesson –  steeking is only for sticky yarn from e.g. Shetland from now on.


However, I heard the other day that it hasn’t fallen apart (hooray) and is waiting for its next recipient, the first daughter’s baby sister. Yes! the same baby sister who will be receiving Owlet 1. very soon. I hope she doesn’t have the same garment over head issues.

OWL 3. Is a grown up sized Owligan knit from the actual  Owligan pattern. I made this for myself as I was, quite frankly, feeling a bit left out.

I knew this was going to be a loafing about on the sofa in winter kind of garment so I went for the long version in some Wendy Serenity Chunky yarn which is warm but weighs not much at all. It turned out to be extremely long, longer than I imagined it to be (row gauge has never been my strong point). I have almost finished it but for the sewing on of the Owl eyes, four owls so far, sewing on buttons is not my favourite thing to do. This is the same garment in both photos, but indoor photography is not my strong point, the blue is more accurate in the one on the left:


 OWL 4.  This is a wip destined for the underneath of the parental Christmas Tree. But I can say that, for a change, it’s in this rather amazing shade of Cherry red from New Lanark Mills (I seem to have made a facsimile of the Cookie Monster here with the two balls of yarn I’m knitting together, and the bottom ribbing):

Aviary Photo_130924354600629756.jpg

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