It became apparent to me over the weekend the reason I am not a quilter; I am hating sewing this sodding blanket together*. I had a good plan, I thought, but it ended – as many plans do – in swearing and crawling around on the floor all over again .

 Remember how I laid it all out so carefully:

Well, then I loosely tacked each strip together, and the intention was to sew the squares into strips, and then sew each strip together. This didn’t work at all. A horrendous three strip long mess of puckering and mis-matched corners (so awful in fact that I didn’t even take a picture) was enough to convince me to begin again.

I laid everything out for a second time, this time with all the squares in it, so that was novel at least!:

And then I did a really hi-tech** chart of each set of bigger squares (where they existed, as it’s 9×7 they aren’t all squares, obviously) and smaller rectangles, and poor little square 20 which is all on its own.:

Then I loosely joined all the squares (or rectangles) together, while taking regular breaks to find the next episode of Amanda Vickery’s ‘History of Private Life‘ on the iPlayer, and as I did this I thought of all the other women through the ages who had cursed their abysmal quilting skills.

I gave each square a new label to say which direction ‘bottom left’ is, so hopefully avoiding further confusion when I sew it together:

Now I’m sewing each of the sets of squares together (a bit more loosely, for puckering avoidance). Once that’s done I’ll sew and sew until I have bigger squares, and eventually a blanket. So far it’s going a lot more smoothly, though I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to avoid a bit of ripply-ness, I suspect it’s to do with how I did the m1 in the squares to start with, and ripping it back that far ain’t going to happen. I’m also considering that an i-cord border might not work on this, I think it needs something a bit less rigid. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

*there was much worse swearing than this…
**back of a piece of old calendar, reuse recycle etc…

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