Big Blanket or ‘Kaffghan‘, as this appears to be what we’re calling it, is all over apart from the sewing up and border knitting, and good lord is that a large amount of sewing up and border knitting….

Here is a pile of squares (63 in all). They are at least all blocked and most (why didn’t I do this as I went along, why?) of the ends are woven-in:

I am following Kaffe’s layout, basically because I am too tired to do anything else. This is when large areas of floor space some in super handy:

The gaps are the final 5 squares which were not yet quite dry in time for the laying out. I wouldn’t like this for a carpet, but for a blanket that’s likely to serve useful time in the camper-van it’s pretty amazing! Not amazing enough to sew itself magically together though.

There is also the border to consider, and here is my remaining yarn. There is a lot of it, so I am loathe to buy any more to knit the border with:

At present I am leaning towards a knit on stripey i-cord border which will in some way match the squares as I go along. It’s worth a try. I am also leaning towards a large glass of something red and grape based in one of my new gigantic Dartington wine glasses, to get me through all this sewing…

Pattern: Rowan Kaffe Fassett Mystery Knit Along
Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool Worsted

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