A new obsession or three…

Obsession 1:
 I got a loom for Christmas – I knew I was getting it because the postman delivered it when I was in, rather than hiding it round the back of the fence as he is wont to do…but that is actually better than the traipse into the parcel office with no parking for customers, even those with heavy boxes to carry.

Anyway, it’s an Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom (800mm) and just completely fantastic:


I have woven A Thing:

Practice Scarflet

It’s not really long enough to be anything (maybe a wraplet/scarflet/??) but was a practice run. Yesterday night I warped the loom up with an approx 2m warp by using a chair back rather than the warping peg on our not very long table. I have no idea how far I walked while doing this but it felt like MILES.

I am going to cruise through my current stash at record speed if I keep this up [husband heaves sigh of relief, and thinks he will regain the underneath of the bed ‘storage area’…he is so, so, wrong]. I wait to see if using the deconstructed (shiny) Guardian Saturday Magazine for keeping the rolled on warp threads at tension will work….

Obsession 2:

 This cardigan out of S2 E1 of ‘The Bridge”. I must have it. Which means I must work out how to make it OR go to Sweden and buy it. The latter is on the cards so we will see. I totally love The Bridge (and all Scandi- drama) though maybe not as much as I love ‘Sherlock’ – which had added Scandi Baddie in the last episode of course…

Obsession 3: 

How does one get tickets to see Mr. Cumberbatch in Hamlet???????

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