Northmavine Hoody – Photography by Alex

Here it is, photography by Alex (aged 5)* hence the naive** quality of the pictures. It’s really warm, this Shetland wool, which is lucky since it’s just become freezing here. Maybe I should light that fire.

Lovely cardigan, lovely woodburner
From the side…
Hood up
 Especially warm with the hood up – not sure what I’m doing in this one!:

From the back, at a crazy angle. I must replace those curtains…:

*but he did OK I think.

**blurryness, lack of top of head

3 thoughts on “Northmavine Hoody – Photography by Alex”

  1. I have been researching actual Nortmavaine finishers…there are not many of you and I must say yours is the best and most honest accounts of all. I love your blog, I hate all this portrayal of perfect lives/perfect photography/perfect knitting in blogs and never ever having something go wrong because you had a third glass of wine, or a child leapt on you and ripped half your stitches off! a real brilliant blog and you're on my reading list now! thanks for a lovely half an hour reading on this blustery windy and wet grey day, ha, so what's new?!!Fiona


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