I finished something! It’s a scarf, though not your normal type of scarf…

It’s been very hot this summer. Too hot to knit (and I don’t give in that easily). So my major project – Northmavine Hoody – was put on hold. Really, Shetland wool and 28 degrees C don’t mix. I do have  a couple of things that are burbling along for what sometimes seems like forever; a pair of socks I’ve been knitting since August 2012 have gained a couple of extra rows, and the highly kitsch crocheted blanket got a bit of  a hooking.

After I had got over my many distractions (see previous post) I decided I needed to Actually Finish A Thing. So went back to the Windward Scarf. Or, as my husband calls it, The Really Wierd Scarf Thing.

It’s a bit wierd, in a good way:

Just hangin’ about

And there are only so many rectangular shaped scarves a person needs aren’t there? (little voice in my head  says “No, no for do you not have your eye on this truly wondrous Alice Starmore item, eh?”).

This one is not rectangular:

Not a rectangle

It’s a series of triangles you make as you go along (its not sewn together after as may appear to the casual observer):


How anyone designs such a thing is beyond me, my head hurt a bit trying not to get lost in the pattern. This is by Canadian designer Heidi Kirrmaier,  she says:

 “The multiple changes in knitting direction of this piece are akin to the manoeuvring required when sailing into the wind, or windward”.

I’m not a sailor, so can’t really comment. However the reference to the sea led me to choose a sea green yarn – Handmaiden Casbah Sock – which I happened to have in my stash (I believe it’s ‘Hemlock’), and the variegated dye suits the pattern beautifully:

Altogether now: “We are sailing…”

The only problem I have is I can’t fit it in my scarf cupboard…

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