The Stripes of Doom…A New Hope

Though this time, a bit less doomy. Yes, I have been watching Star Wars.

I finally finished the Milla Mia Lova Babygro I was moaning about the other week (it turns out that if you just buckle down and concentrate on one thing, you can finish it- who knew?!).

The ribbing round was such a relief after all the stripes, even if it was in 1 x 1, I didn’t pick up the number of stitches it said to (I had a few more) yet somehow still got my buttons to be evenly spaced out:


I can’t tell you how much I would have stressed about the discrepancy between how many stitches I picked up and how many it said I must pick up a  few years ago, but I am now past that, and can usually find my way through things (a good skill to have acquired when you can never get row gauge, I can tell you).

The buttons are simple blue four hole ones, I sewed them on with top stitch tread,. This thread is a revelation to me. It doesn’t tangle, it doesn’t snap, and you can imagine your buttons never, ever falling off (I buy Guterman thread, always)

So here is the finished item, packed up waiting for its recipient who is currently cosied up in North Yorkshire with her Mummy. It’s a bit big yet but if this perpetual winter continues then I’m sure it’ll come in handy.

All the knitting leaves here with a sheep postcard (until I run out of sheep postcards):


(I admit, having recovered from this project, I’ve introduced another stripey item into the pipeline)

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