We did have snow here in Oxfordshire last week – a bit of a surprise and it didn’t last long, but have you seen the forecast?:

It’s cold…

I shall be alright in these freezing temperatures* because I have finished Snawheid. When I say finished I mean  the main knitting is done, but it’s not blocked yet, so these are of it in its un-pompommed, unblocked state, otherwise I’ll find myself without daylight for photography purposes.

For the main colour I chose some Jamieson and Smith 2ply Jumper Weight shade FC41 which is the most beautiful dark teal with a product code for a name I have ever seen (to be fair, there are a LOT of shades in this yarn, I don’t blame them) and the natural white 01A, both from the stash:
Some ribbing in the grass
The snowflakes are beautiful:

Some snowflakes in the grass

And the crown of this hat is just so lovely…

Woolly beauty

…I am almost on the point of not pom-pomming** at all! 

A lonely pom-pom, earlier

Snawheid is yet another smashing pattern from, of course,  Kate Davies, who I think is a genius – everything is so clear and the stitch charts are so well laid out they can be followed after a couple of glasses of merlot, which is what I need from Friday night knitting.

*I just have to fight the boy for this hat…
** Pom Pom update to follow

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