I haven’t knit anything for the boy since he was but a tot. So I asked him ‘What would you like’ and he answered  ‘A red thing’, ‘Cardigan or jumper?’ I replied, ‘Cardigan’ said he.

Luckily I had bought Millamia’s ‘Wonderland‘ at the Knit and Stitch show, so an ‘Alexander’ Jacket it is (I am not doing the patches, I’m really not sure about them).

And why have ‘red’ when you can have SCARLET:

Redder than a red thing in a red paint factory

The Millamia yarn is amazing, beautifully soft merino, excellent stitch definition a joy to knit, and machine washable.  I just wish John Lewis hadn’t seen fit to package each ball individually, and then in the big silver parcel:

Never knowingly underpackaged

Meanwhile, Wobember is underway here: celebrating all things wool, and well worth a look at (there are pictures of Lincoln Longwools, what more could you want?)

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