Woolly Wormhead’s Mystery Hat Knit Along

I like a mystery. It usually helps if it’s Scandinavian and has knitwear in it. This project satisifes at least one of those criteria already – and maybe two, because none of us except Woolly Wormhead know what the hat design is…

I have been deep into the Stash and swatched some Rowanspun 4 ply, but don’t think it’s quite right.

Then discovered what I believe to be (the ball band is long gone since it was recycled from a top I made for the boy when he was still unborn) some kind of  DK weight merino blend in a smashing almost raspberry red. And it knits to gauge so it’s a done deal.

I have never done a KAL before (I did once start a mystery scarf, however  the lace chart got the better of me in week two and it was abandoned) but this is a small project and should be achievable. I also know it’ll be a well written pattern, as Woolly’s always are.

Here’s another ‘mystery hat’ for you (or gratuitous picture of Cumberbatch, possibly):

A mystery solving hat

P.S. Those socks are finished (!)

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