Not Knitting but Sewing…

…last week was the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace.

Dazed crafters in front of the Ally Pally organ

I went with my friend Janey (a truly marvellous quilter and excellent accomplice in stash building). This meant I didn’t only fondle wool and fleeces, but also had a good look at the beautiful fabrics on sale. I was quite dazed what with all the yarn fumes, early start and low caffeination levels, which I think is how I ended up with some sewing.

Euro Japan Links had Shonai Sashiko Samplers on sale. I thought, what’s the harm? It can’t possibly be as addictive as e.g. sock knitting. How wrong could I be. Two evenings later the sampler is finished and I Want More. Started on Saturday night, by Sunday morning I had this:

Two panels down, two to go…
By the end of the Freakzone on Sunday evening, this:
I am sure it shouldn’t be this wobbly

These four stitches are from top left: Rice Stitch (my favourite), Persimmon Flower Stitch, Fish Scale Stitch, and Hemp Leaf Stitch.

It all went pretty well for the first three, but the Hemp Leaf panel is a bit skewed (maybe the strange music was to blame):


The wonky Hemp Leaf panel is driving me a bit insane. I keep telling myself it’s a sampler so it’s practice. But it might have to be re-done all the same. I think I also need to stitch a bit less tightly as the sampler did become increasingly puckered as I filled it up.

I found the process of stitching Sashiko really calming and quite meditative. I can’t say I’ve ever found the same with counted cross-stitch (usually, that makes me want to cry). So I am off now to buy the other two samplers.

There is more about Sashiko here:

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